01. Women are [excluded] from membership in the club.
02. Gays have always been [excluded] from the armed forces, but times are changing.
03. His mother is careful to [exclude] all dairy products from his food due to his allergies.
04. The holiday message from the school principal [excluded] all references to religion.
05. The police say the evidence to this point does not [exclude] the possibility that the victim was murdered.
06. The children are very mean to the little boy, and [exclude] him from all their games.
07. The Parents' Association has called for the [exclusion] of all advertising from the school grounds.
08. Simon Whitfield has joined the [exclusive] club of Olympic gold medalists with his triumph here today.
09. Club membership is offered [exclusively] to students of color.
10. The journalist was able to arrange an [exclusive] interview with the President.
11. All his problems derive almost [exclusively] from his drug addiction.
12. President Herbert Hoover once observed that honor is not the [exclusive] property of any political party.
13. Goethe once remarked that the greatest genius will not be worth much if he pretends to draw [exclusively] from his own resources.
14. It has been shown in science that there is no natural category that includes chimpanzees, gorillas and orangutans, but [excludes] humans.
15. Ayatollah Khomeini once stated that in Islam, the legislative power, and competence to establish laws belong [exclusively] to God Almighty.
16. Gandhi remarked that no culture can live if it attempts to be [exclusive].
17. Aristotle said that the one [exclusive] sign of thorough knowledge is the power of teaching.
18. Eighty percent of the island nation of Madagascar's plants and animals are [exclusive] to the island.
19. In England in the 1800s, women were rigidly [excluded] from the professions and education.
20. [Excluding] the goaltender, each team has five players on the ice at a time for a game of hockey.
21. In the early Christian church, instrumental music was [excluded] from public worship because it was not seen to open the mind to Christian teachings.

Grammatical examples in English. 2013.


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